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June 26, 2017 · 

Good day Mr. Vincent Evans,

I have just received both the belts and have tried it on. It works very well. The grip of it against the shirt is firm and the quality makes it comfortable. I am glad that I came across your website to have ordered the Ultimate-Belt. I'll definitely pass the word around to my family and friends.

Once again thank you very much.


Satisfied Customer

Mike Mathers just ordered the Ultimate-Belt and was very happy with his purchase.  The shipping was very quick and the product works very well.  In his current plain clothes assignment the traditional "shirt stays" were damaging expensive dress shirts and this is a superb solution.  Thank you for making a good product and providing good customer service as well.

Mr. Evans,
I have used the hidden tailor belts for many years and have been less than totally satisfied. In my search for a better way on the internet I came across your product several months ago (can't remember exactly when). I found your belt to be much more comfortable and easier to manage. One of the two I bought did tear at the velcro seam pretty early on. The fabric material held, it was the rubber part that separated, but the fabric has managed to hold all this time and still is holding. I believe it may have been my fault that it tore as initially I was pulling the belts pretty tight as I was used to the hidden tailor belts. I soon learned this wasn't really necessary to do this with your belts. I am a law enforcement officer of 19 years and have been employed by the Horn Lake Police Department (Desoto County, Mississippi) for the past 10 years where I am a Platoon Commander/Lieutenant in the Patrol Division. I wear two of your belts at a time to support my duty belt and maintain a uniform appearance. I'm still very active in enforcement action and carry everything and then some on my duty belt, so I have put your product to the test and I'm very satisfied with it. I believe by not pulling the belts so tight to start with I will get better service out of this next pair and bought an extra set just to have on hand as I do not anticipate finding anything better or especially going back to the hidden tailor belts system.
I'm sure that more than answered your questions and I certainly appreciate your interest in me, your customer, and for making a quality product.
Thank you, 

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